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Juneau Perseverance Trail Running Tour
Juneau Perseverance Trail Running Tour
Juneau Alaska Perseverance Trail Running Tour

Hit the Trails 

Nobody started running because they fell in love with a treadmill, and no one travels to Alaska because it's their favorite place to shop! 

Alaska Trail Running Co is a unique Juneau tour opportunity that allows you to do what you love while immersing yourself in the unmatched beauty that is Southeast Alaska.

The tour starts with a short van ride from downtown-passing the State Capitol and Governors House-to the start of the Flume Trail. 

Your first step will find you surrounded by rainforest-looking down on Gold Creek below.  Shadowed by Mt. Juneau on one side and Mt. Roberts on the other, the Flume Trail gives way to the Historic Perseverance Trail.
Learn the history of the Gold Rush while trail running on what was once the first road in Alaska. 

You don't have to be a Boston qualifier to enjoy this run.  Pace will be determined by the group, we almost always have the capacity to split into two if necessary, and total duration is 2-3 hours.  Come ready to run, rain or shine, and we will take you on the most memorable 7 miles of your life!

If you have your own group, ask about booking a custom trip to a variety of Juneau(or Sitka) locations.  You pick the distance and the destination!
  1. Salmon Creek Trail
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  1. Salmon Creek Trail
    The Salmon Creek Trail is an 8 mile round trip that turns around at the top of the beautiful Salmon Creek Dam.
  2. Herbert Glacier Trail
    A little longer drive out the Juneau road system and a little longer run. Almost 10 miles round trip, but fairly flat and definitely worth it for the intermediate to advanced runner.